Creative Multicare takes pride in providing the best quality resurfacing in the industry. Creative delivers service you can depend on with over 20 resurfacing trucks available in the Atlanta area to meet your resurfacing needs. Creative is also working hard at becoming the preferred vendor for resurfacing services in Florida. We service both the Jacksonville and Tampa markets and invite you to try our services and experience the Creative difference.
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By utilizing the best product in the industy, Acrylic-Urethane, trained and experienced technicians, management experience, proper assessment of customer needs, and emphasizing our company standards and disciplines we are continuing to grow and welcome all new business.

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We specialize in the following services:
  • Cabinets
  • Counters
  • Tile Repairs
  • Tubs and Enclosures
  • Tub Repairs
  • Vanities and Sinks
  • Rehab Projects

We go far beyond single color counters to offer a unique 2-color or 3-color Terra-Stone. Terra-Stone counter resurfacing offers the advantages of adding higher value to your customers, and emphasizing your upgraded units while at the same time saving you money over replacement costs. We offer a wide selection of colors/patterns to choose from and if you need a custom color, we can do that too.

Creative Multicare's Poly-Glass products represent the highest quality technology available anywhere today. The Acrylic Urethane nature of these coatings is the same product used on automobiles. Consequently, durability is assured.

The scratch and scuff resistance of this product is similar to Formica which is a 4H pencil hardness (ASTM Test Method D 3363); considerably better than typical Acrylic coatings. Unlike Epoxy Coatings, this product will not lose its gloss, turn yellow or become brittle and crack.

Creative Multicare's Poly-Glass is a time tested product. With over 20 years of field application, this product has shown incredible durability without loss of gloss or color. Moreover, Poly-Glass has proven stain resistant to a multitude of common household products such as ketchup, coffee and juice as well as common, non abrasive, cleaners such as soap and bleach.

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